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1. The registered electors of the city may propose the repeal of any ordinance, or sections thereof, relating to matters within the legislative, as distinguished from administrative, powers of the city as a corporate entity. Notwithstanding the above classification, no ordinance, or sections thereof, shall be referred relating to the annual budget or the capital expense budget, making or repealing any appropriation, fixing the salaries or wages of officers or employees, zoning and land use, authorizing or repealing the levy of taxes, or any repealing ordinance adopted by the council in compliance with the referendum petition. The fact that the ordinance is already in effect shall not bar the referendum procedure.

2. An ordinance shall be referred by filing with the city clerk no later than forty-five days following the final publication of the ordinance, a petition signed by a number of registered electors equal to at least twenty-five percent of the total number of persons voting at the last preceding regular municipal election. All sheets constituting such petition shall be uniform in character; shall contain the proposed ordinance in full; shall contain the names and residence addresses of five registered electors, who as a committee of the petitioners, shall be regarded as responsible for the circulation and filing of the petition; and shall set forth the residence address of each person signing.

3. Within fifteen days after receiving a referendum petition, the city clerk shall determine whether it has sufficient valid signatures. If insufficient, the petition shall fail. If sufficient, the petition shall be submitted forthwith to the council and the operative effect of the ordinance, or sections thereof, to which the petition pertains shall be deemed suspended.

4. Within thirty days after receiving the referendum petition from the city clerk, the council shall repeat the ordinance, or sections thereof, or shall order it submitted to popular vote at a special election to be held within sixty days of receipt by the council; but if any other municipal election is to be held within ninety days after receipt by the council, the proposed referendum shall be voted upon at such election.

5. If the majority of the registered electors voting on the referred ordinance shall vote for repeal of the ordinance, or section thereof, it, or such sections thereof, shall be repealed upon certification of the election results. Otherwise the referendum shall fail and the ordinance, or section thereof, shall be deemed restored to effect.

6. An ordinance, or sections thereof, repealed by the council because of a referendum petition, or repealed by a referendum vote of the people, may not be re-enacted by the council within one year of the effective date of such repeal. This subsection shall not apply to an ordinance, or sections thereof, referred to the voters by the council.

Adopted by a vote of the people November 4, 1969.