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There shall be a new provision to the Aberdeen City Charter which shall read as follows:

Section 59. Duty of Finance Director.

It shall be the duty of the Finance Director to receive and safely keep and account for all moneys belonging to the city from whatever source derived, including water collections; to place the same to the credit of the different funds to which they properly belong; to disburse said money by direction of the City Council and in accordance with the provisions made by them under the provisions of this Charter, to make a report monthly to the City Council of the condition of the treasury. The Finance Director shall serve as city clerk and shall keep the corporate seal and all official papers and documents belonging to the City; to attend meetings of the City Council and to keep a journal of their proceedings and records of all their resolutions and ordinances; to sign all warrants and licenses issued in pursuance of the orders and ordinances of the City Council and to affix the corporate seal on such licenses; to sign all deeds, leases, contracts, bonds and other documents when authorized by the Council; to act as general city auditor to all departments and officers, and to keep a check upon all budget expenditures and warrants; to keep an account of all licenses issued and to perform such other duties and tasks as may be required by the provisions of this Charter, or by ordinance.

Adopted by a vote of the people November 2, 1982.