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The City of Aberdeen, by the adoption of this Charter by its advancement from a second class to a first class city shall retain the power and authority conferred on second class cities to fill or raise grade or elevation of any marsh land, swamp land, tide land, shore land and land commonly known as tide flats or any other low lands situated within its limits and to advance the costs and expenses incidental to such improvement all as provided in Sections 9432 to 9470, inclusive, of Remington’s Compiled Statutes of Washington, 1922 and Acts amendatory thereof, and the city shall have full power and authority to fill such low lands and to assess the cost and expense thereof to the property benefited, all as provided in such Statutes and all of the ordinances of the City of Aberdeen relating to that subject shall be continued in full force and effect until repealed or modified by action of the Mayor and City Council, notwithstanding the adoption of this Charter, and the said statutes Secs. 9432 to 9470, Remington’s Compiled Statutes of Washington, 1922, being Chapter No. 147 Session Laws of Washington, for the year 1909 and Acts Amendatory thereof shall have the same force and effect as in such statutes where incorporated in and formed part of this Charter.

*Statutory provisions—RCW Chapter 35.55.