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On the Wednesday following the election, the City Council shall convene and publicly canvass the results, and shall direct the issuance of certificates of election to each person elected by a plurality of votes. When two or more persons have received an equal and highest number of votes for any one of the offices voted for, the City Comptroller shall give notice to the several persons so having the highest and equal number of votes to attend at the next or some subsequent meeting of the Council to be held within two weeks thereafter, and the City Comptroller shall at the time fixed proceed publicly to decide by lot which of the persons having an equal number of votes shall be declared duly elected. In case the Comptroller be an interested person, such duty shall devolve upon the Mayor. If all of the persons having the highest and equal number of votes shall be present at the meeting at which the Council shall canvass the result of the election, the matter may then and there be decided by lot as herein provided, without the necessity of notice. If the City Council from any cause fails to meet on the day named then it shall be the duty of the Council to canvass the election returns at the next regular or special election meeting held by the said Council.

*See RCW 3522.230