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In the erection, improvement and repair of all public buildings and works, in all street and sewer work and in all extensions of the water mains and improvements of the water system, lighting plant, or power plant, and in all work in or about streams, bays or waterfronts, or in or about embankments or other works for protection against overflow and in draining and filling lowlands, and in furnishing any supplies and materials for the same, when the expenditure required for the same exceeds in the sum of Two Thousand Five Hundred ($2,500.00) Dollars, the same shall be done by contract and shall be let to the lowest responsible bidder, after due notice under such regulations as may be prescribed by ordinance: Provided, that the City Council may reject all bids presented and re-advertise in their discretion, or, if in the judgment of the council, such work can be performed, or supplies or materials furnished by the city independent of contract, cheaper than under the lowest bid submitted, it may, after having so advertised and examined the bids, cause such work to be performed or supplies or materials to be furnished independent of contract. The City Council shall annually, at a stated time, contract for doing all city printing and advertising, which contract shall be let to the lowest bidder, after due notice, as provided in this section. All advertising shall be done in a newspaper in such city, and the contract therefor shall be awarded separately from all other printing: Provided, the requirements of this section as to calling for bids shall not apply to any labor by crew work of any department of the city or for materials for any department in case of actual emergencies. (Amended in the General Election of Nov. 4, 1969).