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A. Any person convicted of violating the provisions of this chapter shall be guilty of a gross misdemeanor. Each day that the violation continues shall be a separate offense.

B. In addition to, or as an alternative to any criminal prosecution or other penalty or billable cost of abatement or inspection as provided by ordinance or statute, any responsible person who violates a provision of this chapter, or order of the director issued pursuant to this chapter, may be assessed a civil penalty under Chapter 1.12.

C. In addition to imposition of a civil penalty, the director shall have the authority to order any responsible person to stop work if the work does not conform to the permit requirements and the severity is determined to be sufficient to warrant such action. The stop work order shall be issued in accordance with the procedures set forth in Chapter 1.12 for notices and orders. Failure to comply with the terms of a stop work order shall result in enforcement actions including, but not limited to, the issuance of a civil penalty.

D. In addition, the city may institute injunctive, mandamus or other appropriate actions or proceedings at law or equity for the enforcement of this chapter, or to correct violations of this chapter, and any court of competent jurisdiction shall have the right to issue restraining orders, temporary or permanent injunctions or other appropriate forms of remedy or relief.

E. Any person who, through an act of commission or omission, aids or abets in the violation shall be considered to have committed a violation.

(5/23/2018 amend; Ord. 6503, Added, 08/25/2010)