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A. Pursuant to state law, the city hereby declares its intention to designate the city’s storm and surface water system as a utility and enterprise activity of the city to be supported all or in part by the imposition of user charges on all parcels of property within the city which discharge stormwater to the city’s storm drainage facilities or are otherwise served by the city’s storm drainage facilities.

B. The city hereby establishes a special fund within the city’s fiscal system to be known as “the storm and surface water fund,” hereinafter referred to as “the fund.”

C. All revenues from storm drainage user charges and other storm drainage related fees and charges as may be adopted by resolution shall be deposited to the fund.

D. Expenditures from the fund shall be limited to those expenditures for the improvement, repair, operation, maintenance, and administration of the storm drainage facility as defined by the public works director of the city of Aberdeen. The fund may also transfer funds to the general fund of the city that represent the reasonable and proportionate share of the cost of general city government support of the utility not covered by direct payments from the fund.

(5/23/2018 amend; Ord. 6503, Added, 08/25/2010)